Adams Museum

Completed in 2005, the project consisted of an approximately $822,000 addition and renovation to the existing Historic Adams Museum building (on the National Register of  Historic Places) at 54 Sherman Street in the downtown of the National Historic Landmark town of Deadwood. The project included a below grade basement addition and renovations to accommodate a limited use/limited access area elevator, ADA ramp/accessibility, thermal/energy efficiency, fire protection system, renovation for a lecture room, historic exterior cosmetic concrete repairs, historic precast concrete replica replacements, basement egress stair, bell tower windows, subgrade waterproofing, rooftop speakers/public address system, historic window frames for holiday decorations, exterior tuck pointing, and even electrical rewiring of historic hand-made light fixtures and wall sconces. Prior to the building project, a separate in-depth study of the existing facility was conducted. The project included three separate stakeholders: The City of Deadwood, who owns the building; the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission, who funded the project; and the Adams Museum Board, who operates the facility. The project was designed to comply with the requirements of all three entities and with the South Dakota Historical Society's equirements. The project was completed in separate phases all amidst the irreplaceable historic artifacts of the museum. Lyle was the project designer and project architect. A separate asbestos abatement project was coordinated prior to construction.

Letter of Reference from Jim Wilson
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Deadwood, South Dakota

Adams Museum Board
Mary Kopco, Director

MAC Construction Co., Inc.
Pete Anderson, President

Renovation/Historic Preservation
Addition (Basement)